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Q: How will this “convention” actually go down? What streaming service will be used?
A: Glad you ask! We are a small team of artists and artisans who have a full weekend of content ready to deliver to you! We plan on using the streaming sites Picarto and Twitch to host a variety of streams and panels covering a broad range of interests, including illustration, crafting, tabletop games, and more! We will post a schedule of events on our site!


Q: Do I have to live in Texas to attend?

A: Nope! You can live anywhere and attend, whether you live in Texas, the United States, or anywhere else in the world!

Q: How do I sign up to be a part of the AA/DD or to host a panel?

A: Currently our vendor hall is full and panels set. Keep a look out for next years openings!


Q: Will this happen every year?

A: Hopefully! This is our first go round, and we are very excited to see how this goes! If everything goes well, we hope to do more with DHFC and work on expanding the event!


Q: How much will it cost to attend Down Home Fur Con?

A: The convention is free for everyone to attend! If you would like to make a donation or financially contribute to the con, you can donate to the convention via our Paypal.

Q: Can I get a badge? Will there be event specific-merch?

A: We will be offering a free printer friendly badge as well as the option for a physical badge as part of a donation package. Previews of these items can be viewed on the registration tab.


Q: What will funds collected be used for?

A: As you can imagine organizing an event like this takes a lot of resources. Currently our team is funding the convention 100% but we are limited. Your donations will help us bring more events to the con as well as host a better experience for you, the supporters!

Q: How do I get my name on my badge?

A: This year we will have a blank space for everyone to fill in.

Q: Why is the free registration form important?
A: It is difficult to track attendance for an online event, the free registration helps with this. Having a better idea of numbers will help us run the event as well as scale our staff accordingly. So while it is not required to do this in order to enjoy DHFC we do appreciate y'all taking the time to fill them out!

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