Mokos Makery

Moko is furry plush maker and a traditional/digital artist, she can handle any species and loves a challenging commission, never be afraid of having a complex character, that only makes for an amazing plush.


CuteCumber "A fulltime artsit that enjoys drawing all sorts of cute and thick characters!"

MangoPopArt "An artist that loves her community! I draw all sorts of things! Ranging from custom commissions to all sorts of merch including Pokemon, Animal crossing, original characters and much much more!"

Pinku SHika

We are a husband and wife team working together to bring high quality fursuit parts that will last. From simple to complex we enjoy all types of designs and styles. Offering a wide range of colors and styles that are ready to wear!

Vic Creates

Vic is a full-time freelance artist who loves to draw realistic animal anatomy with a stylistic twist.
Digital & Traditional Commissions, Poster Prints, Keychains, Stickers, Lanyards, Pencil Bags, Original Paintings

Ratty Creations

Ratty Creations brings a wide variety of original artwork as well as fanart into quality everyday items. With a passion for rodents and showing the loving side of them in her artwork. 

Ryuu Daiga

Ryuu is a fandom and original artist inspired by "freaky" ideas from pop culture, anime, comics, and real life. He employs a gritty yet colorful style, hoping to convince his audience to reconsider common preconceived notions.

Dead Bomb Art / Max

Dead Bomb Art is a 2-person team of Lacey (the artist) and Max (the producer) making and selling custom furry art and accessories!

Aries Nova

I love drawing furries, Pokemon, and other cute critters! Interests include fantasy, sci-fi, and anime.


 I draw all kinds of species, but have a special place in my heart for avians reptiles and wyverns! I especially love art with positive vibes. Selling enamel pins for the online convention!


3D Artist and game developer that loves to make characters come to life! No matter the species, they apply themselves to make each one shine using problem solving and a constant evolution of their production techniques to bring you their very best.