Mokos Makery

Moko is furry plush maker and a traditional/digital artist, she can handle any species and loves a challenging commission, never be afraid of having a complex character, that only makes for an amazing plush.


CuteCumber "A fulltime artsit that enjoys drawing all sorts of cute and thick characters!"

MangoPopArt "An artist that loves her community! I draw all sorts of things! Ranging from custom commissions to all sorts of merch including Pokemon, Animal crossing, original characters and much much more!"

Pinku SHika

We are a husband and wife team working together to bring high quality fursuit parts that will last. From simple to complex we enjoy all types of designs and styles. Offering a wide range of colors and styles that are ready to wear!

Vic Creates

Vic is a full-time freelance artist who loves to draw realistic animal anatomy with a stylistic twist.
Digital & Traditional Commissions, Poster Prints, Keychains, Stickers, Lanyards, Pencil Bags, Original Paintings